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QRL Winter Hackathon 2021 Projects Overview

Not just about code. The QRL Winter Hackathon is about having fun and digging into whatever you want to dig into. Come join us!

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17th December 2021

Table of Contents

Note: This is a living document for the duration of the hackathon, so be sure to check back to see the status of various projects as well as new ones that might appear.

Hackathon Community Lead Projects


The QRL Winter Hackathon is about having fun and digging into whatever you want to dig into, or ‘hacking’ at something - it’s not just code. This all takes place in Discord, so if you haven’t already joined, now’s the time!

The only two requirements of community lead projects to be eligible up to 9000 in QRL is that it’s relevant to QRL and that the initiative is open source (or at least, open source in spirit). Outside of that it can be anything.

Some suggestions from #hackathon-ideas:

  • The ability to easily facilitate swaps via a webapp
  • Run a QRL node from a Live USB
  • Add a graph on theqrl.org to track nodes
  • Node status on conky

Starting a project

If you want to work at something, but don’t think it qualifies as a full project, that’s what the hackathon-daily is for!

To establish a project, you’ll need an idea that you can be passionate about enough to articulate and lead to fruition before the end of the month. If you’re passionate and have time, you’ll want to look at #hackathon-ideas.

With the idea in hand, the project will need to fit a few key requirements:

  1. Relevant to QRL: Goes without saying, this is a QRL winter hackathon.
  2. Open source: It’s common to think of code being open source, but graphics can be too.

Other considerations would be to ensure that your project is:

  1. Attainable: It’s easy to dream big, but it’s also easy to be busier than you think.
  2. Inviting: There’s no requirement for this to be a group project, however, many hands can make fun and light work.
  3. Easy to participate in: Small ready-to-go tasks for community members of a variety of skill levels can help keep your project moving.

Active community lead projects

Run QRL on RaspberryPi

Overview & Vision

Run QRL on a Raspberry pi.

Support Requirements

I can try to do it on my own. Will bring to the table some dev skills.

Scope/What needs to be done

Need to find a solution to run QRL on ARM without AES-NI instructions.

QRL Awareness / Bridging the gap

Overview & Vision

This projects primary focus is to bring awareness and engagement to The QRL Project. Understanding the community’s dissatisfaction with the current state of marketing, this project aims to bridge the gap between The QRL Project and potential investors/enthusiasts by using social media to output the latest news and developments, and educational content relating to QRL and it’s vision.

Support Requirements

This is a standalone project that doesn’t require but one individual to perform.

This project requires, at a minimum, a basic understanding of the social media outlet being used to curate posts (Instagram), the use of creation tools (Canva) to produce high quality content, and excellent grammar in the English language.

Additionally, curated content shouldn’t cause any harm or damage to the QRL Brand. Content is to remain apolitical and non-religious. The use of colors should correspond to the QRL Brand to encourage brand association among viewers (e.x. #FFA729 #4AAFFF).



Generate organic growth and real engagement that will drive viewers to participate in The QRL Project either through investment and/or community engagement (i.e. discord, future DAPPs).


  • Grow viewer engagement and education though community interaction.
  • Drive viewers to TheQRL.org to learn more about the project.
  • Increase project reach through hashtags.
  • Increase project reach through Instagram Promotions.

General Compensation Plan

I was thinking that compensation could be used to pay for Instagram Promotions, but the tax implications of selling QRL to BTC then USD, and other fees, would diminish it’s value. Additionally, being that buying Instagram Promotions is a long-term endeavor and will require market research (which is very limited by this niché), the money wouldn’t be used anytime soon. That being, I find it is best that I would receive the compensation myself, and use my own income to pay for Instagram Promotions when the time comes.

Kvantumo Holidays Background

Overview & Vision

Create a festive 3D image for the server background. Quick demo image of current composition plan:

On the tree will be Christmas tree decorations, under will be presents, and on the table will be Hanukkah and other holiday-related items. Kvantumo will be wearing a Christmas hat (or a couple; I’m still trying to figure out how to put a Christmas hat with such large ears!).

One variant may have large 3D, golden text saying “Merry Holidays”. I have not added this yet as I am under very tight time constraints today, but would like to gauge interest to see if anyone would be interested in collaborating or not.

Support Requirements

I am able to do this on my own, however, invite others to participate.

Skills useful to this project include anything related to Blender, and anything which can be imported into Blender or improve the quality of the final image, including 3D assets, textures, 2D assets which can be converted into 3D, editing of the final image, and more.

Scope/What needs to be done

  • Christmas hat for Kvantumo.
  • Large pine tree for Christmas.
  • Christmas ornaments?
  • Christmas lights?
  • A simple table to fit smaller holiday items on.
  • Menorah.
  • Other Hanukkah-related items, such as dreidels?
  • Items from more holidays?
  • QRL-related assets which can be inserted into this scene?
  • Plants and other things which look nice in the background. Should be done relatively quickly because they will not take up much space.
  • Lighting.
  • Improved sky?
  • Procedural snow material and geometry node setup. The current image uses a placeholder with the rough texture of it in greyscale.
  • Looking at the demo image, I may also need to improve the design of Kvantumo for this and future projects. This image could be improved a lot with even basic posing.

General compensation plan for project members

To be determined; if you would like to participate, we will need to come up with an agreement beforehand depending on what you plan to do. It will likely be based on a combination of effort needed to make the contribution, and the amount of pixels it takes up in the final image. So, an ornament texture made in MS Paint might be worth 5 QRL, while a detailed procedural snow material and geometry node setup for the terrain, or a giant well-made holiday zeppelin in the sky made from scratch, could be worth a couple hundred or more, especially if it is released under CC0 and reusable in other projects (and depending on what the total reward is; this is an estimate for 1000). These amounts are only estimates and may change in the future, but anyone participating will receive at least 5 QRL (including, e.g, an MS paint ornament texture made in 5 minutes, which I invite people to add) assuming there are no more than 50 people participating, even if it is for making something that is eventually scrapped. Anything which takes up a lot of pixels will need to be very high-quality. Feedback is welcome on how to improve this compensation plan.

Run QRL on Apple M1

The Apple M1 is an ARM-based system released last year. Currently, QRL can’t be compiled on M1.

Support Requirements

This project will be done in collaboration with @runforest . We will bring to the table some dev skills.

Scope/What needs to be done

Some QRL libraries like qrandomx and qryptonight does not compile on the M1. If everything goes well, at the end of the project, we will submit a PR to QRL’s github.

General compensation plan for project members

We are planning to distribute evenly the compensation.

Run QRL on Windows

Overview & vision

The qrllib library is currently not supported in Windows. Details of the problem here: https://github.com/theQRL/qrllib/issues/38.

Support requirements

I will try to analyze first what have been done about it. Will bring to the table some dev skills.

Scope/what needs to be done

No idea yet what is the scope of the problem and what’s need to be done. Kstuart already did some work about it. I will try to reproduce his work and understand the issue. Then, if I think the solution is attainable during the hackathon, I will try to solve the problem.

Run QRL on Android

Overview & Vision

Run a full QRL node on Android. I think it would be cool to run a node on a phone in your pocket!

Support requirements

Will bring to the table some experience from the Raspberry pi ARM support.

Scope/what needs to be done

Run QRL on Android and try to make it easy for everyone to run it (i.e: without rooting the device or a custom ROM installation).

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living-document community

17th December 2021

Jack Matier


Jack Matier