QRL Primary Report, 2024

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QRL Wallet Release version 1.8

Support for Apple Silicon and Windows 11, Filtered Tokens, and Nodejs & meteor version updates

technical releases qrl-wallet

14th December 2021

Table of Contents

New features

Support for windows 11 / Apple Silicon

A lot of work has gone into bringing support for both the Windows 11 operating system and the Apple Silicon SoC, both which are seeing an increasing amount of usage.

Filtered tokens

Another major feature of this release are filtered tokens which allows you filter tokens by adding and removing tokens. On both the desktop app and the web app, these persist between sessions.

To filter tokens, go to Tools -> "Add/remove Tokens" from the Desktop or Web qrl-wallet

Nodejs & meteor version updates

Node & meteor version updates were also handled. Keeping dependencies to the latest stable version often bring security enhancements, performance benefits and better overall compatibility.


You can find out latest update on our downloads page and on Github.

You can verify the integrity of the QRL Wallet releases from our corresponding security repository.

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qrl-wallet technical releases

14th December 2021

Jack Matier


Jack Matier