Celebrating Six Years of Post-Quantum Security: The Journey of QRL

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QRL Monthly, March 2024

Recently, QRL expanded its market presence by listing on XT.COM, offering multiple trading pairs and demonstrating its growing relevance in the crypto space. Alongside market expansion, QRL continues its technical prowess with advancements in the Qrysm and Go-Zond projects, focusing on comprehensive development and testing to ensure robust quantum resistance.


9th May 2024

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Primary Report, 2024

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) was established to address the potential threats quantum computing (QC) will pose to blockchain technology, which is presently widely reliant on quantum-vulnerable cryptography.

Amid widespread uncertainty in the expert community regarding the timeline and specific quantum capabilities required to challenge existing cryptographic defenses, QRL aims to provide a preemptive solution. The project, initiated with Dr. Peter Waterland’s whitepaper in 2016, strives to be a safeguard for the blockchain industry against the evolving quantum threat, positioning itself as a foundational technology for future innovations in the Quantum Age.

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New Listing on XT.com

As of March 29, 2024, at 12:00 UTC, traders on XT.COM have gained the opportunity to trade QRL through various pairs, including QRL/USDT, QRL/USDC, QRL/BTC, and QRL/ETH. This range of trading pairs provides flexibility and options for investors, allowing them to choose the pair that best aligns with their trading strategies and currency preferences.

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Finale of History of Cryptography Series Released

In our final Episode #6, we conclude our series long journey through the history of cryptography from centuries old cryptography through present day technology (Bitcoin, Quantum Computing, & more).

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QRL Zond Development

Significant progress on various fronts related to the Qrysm and Go-Zond projects. While the majority of unit and integration tests for Qrysm have been completed, there are still 20 to 30 tests pending. Refinements include refactoring Dilithium public key and signature lengths into the fieldparams package, removing obsolete stream methods, and renaming Qrysm v2 API services to v1. Additionally, the porting of trueblocks.io to support zond compatibility is ongoing, and there is active development on adding more unit tests for Qrysm and initiating tests for Go-Zond.

On the other hand, the team is also focused on enhancing P2P and state initialization code, particularly for Qrysm, with code reviews in progress. For Go-Zond, test development is underway alongside the implementation of offline functionality for the Zond web wallet. Efforts are also being made to introduce advanced sending settings, further demonstrating a comprehensive approach to refining and expanding the capabilities of both Qrysm and Go-Zond in the ecosystem.

Quantum News

Singtel teams with Cisco, Fortinet and Nokia on quantum-safe solutions

On 28 Mar 2024: - capacitymedia.com

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Think you can ignore quantum computing? Think again.

On 27 Mar 2024: - cio.com

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IBM Quantum Computing Blog | Landmark IBM error correction paper on Nature cover

On 27 Mar 2024: - ibm.com

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NVIDIA Launches Cloud Quantum-Computer Simulation Microservices

On 18 Mar 2024: - nvidianews.nvidia.com

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A tweezer array with 6100 highly coherent atomic qubits

On 18 Mar 2024: - arxiv.org

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Tuta Mail adds new quantum-resistant encryption to protect email

On 11 Mar 2024: - bleepingcomputer.com

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Solid-State Qubits: Artificial Atoms Unlock Quantum Computing Breakthrough

On 11 Mar 2024: - scitechdaily.com

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Google launches $5m prize to find actual uses for quantum computers

On 04 Mar 2024: - newscientist.com

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QRL Monthly, February 2024

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9th May 2024