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QRL Mainnet Version 3 (codenamed Cesium) hard fork has been successful!

One step closer to truly decentralised governance. This hard-fork integrates QIP-016 to reduce the emission rate of the network after successfully being approved through an on-chain vote.


25th February 2022


We’re pleased to announced that the QRL Mainnet Version 3 (codenamed Cesium) hard fork has been successful!

This mainnet release is the result of QRL Improvement Proposal #16 (QIP-016) which proposed to reduce QRL emissions in order to improve the network. As part of the QIP process, many of the positive and negative considerations were discussed at length before being put to our first on-chain vote resulting in the QIPs approval. The final determination can be found on the QIP GitHub discussion page.

Specifically, this hard fork implements an emission reduction by a multiplication factor of 0.4x of the per block coinbase reward starting at the hard fork block height of 1,938,000, which had an estimated datetime of 2022-02-25 12:30 UTC and successfully completed about 10 hours ahead of schedule at 2022-02-24 2:42 UTC.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the worlds first post-quantum secure on-chain vote to help put this hard fork into motion, and are happy to share in the journey as we take one step closer to truly decentralized governance.

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25th February 2022

Jack Matier


Jack Matier