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QRL Games | Winter Hackathon 2022


22nd November 2022

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We’re excited to announce our upcoming QRL Games - Winter Hackathon 2022. This builds off of the success of our QRL Hackathon 2022 in Amsterdam where we revealed our public devnet with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and EVM-compatible smart contract functionality.

The main theme for this hackathon is, as the name implies, all about games. Whether it’s taking inspiration from a nostalgic game you played growing up or gamifying any aspect of the project that your quantum-resistant heart desires, the options here are endless. Just like all of our hackathons, they’re open to everyone from professionals, to amateurs. This is a time to join together and earn some Quanta (QRL) along the way!

The main QRL Games - Winter Hackathon 2022 even will kick off shortly on Wednesday December 14th and run until just past the New Year on Wednesday January 4th, 2023.

The Hackathon


We have two core components of the hackathon that anyone can participate in as time allows. Both of these are expanded on further in our Hackathon Getting Started page.

  1. Community lead projects: If you have more time during the holidays, you can start or participate in developing a project for QRL. This can be anything so long as it’s QRL and game related, from building a QRL game to gamifying some aspect of the project.
  2. Hackathon hearty rewards: During the last winter hackathon we had something called “reacty” rewards, which rewarded people for participating based on the reactions given. This extends that outside of the Discord and into Twitter as well. Anything QRL related works here, from tweets, to meme’s and GitHub commits. There will be leaderboards!

Gaming, what is it?

It’s easy to think of games as either boardgames or video games, but games is really a concept for a form of play for entertainment and fun which is sometimes used as an educational tool.

Ideas include:

  • Incorporating QRL into gameplay
  • Build a QRL game (digital or physical)
  • Gamify any aspect of the project
  • Quizzes & Puzzles
  • Use the DRAND as a source of randomness to a game


Up to 25K quanta in prizes will be awarded as a prize pool for this winter’s Hackathon.

Getting started

If you’re keen on getting started and joining us, be sure to connect with our QRL Games - Winter Hackathon 2022 event page.


22nd November 2022