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QRL and Keybase

A new integration


24th April 2019

A new integration

We’re big fans of what Keybase are doing here at the Quantum Resistant Ledger. Innovation and security are a big part of what we do and we are delighted to announce that you will shortly be able to add your QRL address to your Keybase identity.


Keybase is a catalog of connected identities that utilises cryptographic Proofs to link profiles.

Adding QRL address to Keybase profile

To add your QRL address to your Keybase profile, in the Keybase app click on the *Add more identities *button, and enter your QRL address. When you click the Authorize button you’ll be presented with a page like this:

This contains your Signature Hash, a cryptographic Proof, that needs recording in the QRL blockchain using our message transaction type. The easiest way to achieve this is using the new Keybase tools section of the QRL web wallet at wallet.theqrl.org or the desktop version downloaded from theqrl.org or GitHub.

The tools icon in the sidebar

Enter your keybase username, paste the Keybase signature hash into the box, and click Create Keybase Transaction. When the transaction is complete, you’ll see confirmation:

Looking on the Explorer you’ll see a record of your Keybase message transaction:

Once this is visible in the Explorer, you’re good to go back to the QRL/Keybase link page and click Submit:

Congratulations! Your QRL address should now be available on your Keybase profile page.

What next?

Identity is core to financial transactions, and we like how Keybase are approaching this. Going forward, we will be implementing sending via Keybase user ID into our web wallet software and within the explorer.

Need help?

Our Discord community is active, knowledgable and renowned as one of the best in the space: it’s usually the best place to get a quick answer to anything QRL-related.

We also have a team of our open-source contributors offering help by email at: support@theqrl.org.

The QRL Team

Acknowledgement: we’d like to thank the Keybase team for being brilliant to work with.


24th April 2019