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Until the QRL Hackathon 2022 in-person event. First stage has begun!

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Ledger App Launched!

TL;DR — The QRL Ledger app has been fully approved and launched. You can download, install, and run the application on Ledger Nano S or X today!


5th March 2019

How Do I Use It?

As excited as we are to have the application finally launched, we are even more excited for people to actually download, install, and use it on their Ledger devices. The easiest way to do that is to go to Ledger Live, download it, and then select QRL’s application from the available options. If you would like a more detailed explanation, we have a separate, dedicated How To blog.

A Developmental Triumph

Given the uniqueness of our signature scheme (XMSS), we at QRL could not imitate or attempt to replicate any other project’s Ledger application. As has often been the case, our developers had to design a specific solution that fit the unique needs of our blockchain. While I am not the right person to pen an in-depth explanation of what went into that (though someone else may well do that in a later blog), I would be remiss to neglect to mention their tireless efforts.

Auto Migration Post-Ledger Integration

As we have indicated previously, we have been holding off on announcing an exact date for the closing of the auto-migration portal, waiting on Ledger integration. As a reminder, even after the auto-migration portal is closed, users will still be able to migrate their un-burnt ERC20s to main network Quanta. The process will simply no longer be automatic. Details on when exactly the auto-migration portal will be closed, and what the new system will look like, will be in an upcoming blog. The date announcement will also be echoed throughout our social media channels, with regularly scheduled reminders leading up to the day the portal closes.

What This Means For QRL

As we have discussed in previous blogs, Ledger integration has been an important milestone for the project — Ledger is the most used hardware wallet in the space, as well as the leader in hardware wallet technology. It is an important milestone for the community — one of the most dedicated and vocal segments of our user base are Ledger users. We have long heard their calls, and are very happy we can now provide them with the solution to storing Quanta on their Ledger Nano S or X.


5th March 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun