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Last Week in QRL September 10–16

Development Updates, Thanks to Beta Testers, New Exchange Listing Coming


16th September 2019


As we move further into September, there are many exciting things on the horizon. Recently, Proof-of-Stake has been discussed more internally, as have greater attempts to involve our passionate community, and we are nearing the release window for Mobile Wallet v2. Additionally, we are happy to announce that there is another exchange listing on the horizon (more on this below).


  • mobile-wallet: Preparing Release 2.0

As a reminder, here is a general list of the features/changes coming to Mobile Wallet 2.0

  • User can open existing wallet with mnemonic (only hexseed was supported so far)
  • User can choose the OTS key index, just tap the OTS key index in the send view
  • New settings page
  • User can change the node (and port) to connect to. If not connected to a specific node (we can decide which one, the default will be mainnet-*) a small warning icon is presented next to the Settings menu.
  • The user can turn on/off the PIN security. If turned on, the app will always ask for the PIN when the user switches back to the wallet
  • PIN is required if the user leaves the app for more than 15 seconds (I can change it if too short/long)
  • Deleting a wallet has a better warning and asks for the PIN
  • User can give a name to the wallets
  • Corrected the QR code generated on the wallet section
  • Date and Time are shown according to users’ general timezone preferences
  • Additional UI/UX improvements

Thank You Mobile Beta Testers

The QRL Team would like to extend our thanks to all the beta testers who have participated in testing the upcoming mobile wallet 2.0. In any technological endeavor, testing is important, but for a project our size, having a group of passionate beta testers who can look at our mobile wallet in various operating systems, screen sizes, etc helps us in our efforts to develop the best QRL ecosystem possible.

New Exchange Listing Incoming

While we usually use these blogs as an opportunity to review what has happened in the wide world of QRL over the past week, on occasion we will also look to the future. Given the priority of conversation that exchange listings have taken in our community of late, we thought it reasonable to let our users know that there is another exchange listing coming.

For obvious reasons, we cannot be explicit in the details at this time in terms of what exchange it is, and exactly when we will be listing. However, we did not want to remain entirely silent in the face of the continuing conversation regarding liquidity availability for our users. Look for a dedicated blog, as well as dedicated social posts, regarding this development once the listing day arrives.


16th September 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun