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Last Week in QRL September 1–7

Development Updates, Job Opening for Golang and UI/UX


7th October 2019


We are now into the final quarter of 2019. Recently, quantum computing has been back in the news in a bigger way, with reports of increased levels of private investment in space, as well as continued attention being paid by governments. We are also continuing to post job openings (more on this below), as we look to strategically grow the team ahead of our next development objectives. Finally, we will have the September Community Nomination recipient sometime later this week or next week.


  • qrl-wallet: UX tweaks to wallet opening
  • theqrl.org: Remove unnecessary clutter from splash
  • block-explorer: Wallet address changed

Call for Golang Developer, UI/UX Designer

As we have mentioned elsewhere, QRL is hiring three individuals for two specific positions (we are also separately searching for cryptographers interested in threshold lattice cryptography, for a grant we are developing) — UX/UI Designer, and Golang Developer(x2). You can see these job postings on angel.co. We have received some interesting applications already, but want to cast as wide a net as possible to maximize the likelihood of finding the ideal candidate.

Golang Developer

From the angel.co job posting:

If you’re interested but don’t fit every specification, don’t let that shy you away, it is a wish-list after all. What you will do:

  • Write industrial grade open source code that will be the backbone of a quantum resistant network.
  • Work with a small, but growing team of talented developers and cryptography experts.
  • Occasionally interact with the community in a polite and conductive manner.

What we wish you to be:

  • You have a graduate degree or higher in computer science or affiliated field.
  • You have written high-performance and concurrent applications.
  • You are part of the QRL Community.
  • You have p2p implementation experience.
  • You are familiar with cryptography.
  • You have a genuine desire to ensure all code is tested through writing unit and integration tests


  • Competitive based on capability and experience

UI/UX Designer

From the angel.co job posting:

We are looking for someone to:

  • Build a consistent brand identity and pleasurable user experience
  • Explore ideas to improve the usability to our tools and apps
  • Build upon corporate identity/image, color schemes, logo, layouts, visual identity

Your qualifications:

  • BSc. degree in design/fine arts, related fields or experience in the area
  • Minimum of 3yrs experience
  • Experience in HTML/CSS, mobile applications
  • Ideally experience in mobile hybrid frameworks such as Ionic, Framework7, etc.
  • Previous experience with Android/iOS development.
  • Some experience in software development is a plus.
  • Critical thinking and able to work independently
  • We appreciate if you can provide a portfolio of previous work.
  • Language: English is critical

We offer:

  • You will be a freelance contributor working remotely
  • Very international team distributed around the world.
  • Remote work and very flexible working times.
  • Open source development, most of your work will be publicly recognized.
  • We expect massive growth in the short/medium term.
  • As an open source cryptocurrency project, you will receive payment in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Community Nomination — September

We do not yet have the response ready from the QRL Community Nomination recipient for September. We will probably have that later this week or early next week.


7th October 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun