QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Last Week in QRL - May 21st — 27th


27th May 2019

This week, we will be covering our mobile wallet release and some of the amazing feedback that we’ve had and what to expect for our version 2 release.

Also covered will be Ledger U2F timeout issue, its potential solutions (linked to), and the current workaround.

Mobile wallet released

Last week our mobile wallet was released to the world! You can read more about it in our blog The QRL Mobile Wallet is Officially Launched! This completes our ecosystem with:

Since then, there’s been a outpouring of amazing *and *constructive feedback on the mobile wallet. We can’t emphasize how much constructive feedback means to us, and how important it is to this project as a whole, if we are to improve.

JP and Adem have been busy working out what issues will be tackled for the next v2 or v3+ release, which can be seen on our milestones page. Some things most likely slated for our next released are(all subject to change):

Don’t see your request on either the milestones or issues pages? We would love for your to submit it on GitHub directly, or ask a community/team member with access to GitHub to do so on your behalf! Again, big props to the community for such productive feedback to this project over the years.

Haven’t downloaded the QRL mobile wallet yet? Do so for Android or iOS.

U2F timeout issue

Ledger devices have been using the U2F protocol for easy and cryptographically secure second factor mechanism with the web browser since 2016.

Lately, U2F timeouts have been enforced more aggressively — which you may have noticed if you’ve ever experienced a “U2F timeout” warning. Previously, we’ve recommended using another browser or playing browser bingo. The new current recommended action is to use our desktop wallets, which can be found on the front page of our website and our github releases page.

You can read more about the development of U2F tunnel transport for Ledger devices in their blog Windows 10 Update: Sunsetting U2F tunnel transport for Ledger devices and read troubleshooting advice on their support site.

As progress is made on this, we will of course keep you abreast of any events.


27th May 2019

Jack Matier


Jack Matier