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Last Week in QRL July 2nd — 8th

Development and community updates as well as a glimpse at some of The QRL Contributor activity over the last week


8th July 2019

Blog Contents


  • go-qrl
  • QRL Wallet
  • Ledger live


  • June community nomination
  • AMA Summary

The QRL Contributors

  • Overview
  • Working Group: content



  • Fix: Disconnect from peer when outgoing queue is full
  • Fix: Downloader skipping last block
  • Added: RecordTransactionHashes in config


  • Version 1.2 was released and is now reflected on the front page of theqrl.org website. For those experiencing connection issues with their Ledger Nano X, give this a go.

Note: At this time The QRL is not supporting the bluetooth feature of the Ledger Nano X. We believe this to be too experimental of a feature, and not worth the risk it could produce. We may review this stance once the threat model has evolved a bit.

Ledger Live

  • Ledger live is working in developer mode and is very close to being pushed. No guarantees it gets merged however!


June nomination

Discord user II (two capital i’s) has been nominated for The QRL Nomination award of June, 2019. II states “I stumbled upon QRL by strolling the www” and adds “as an early blockchain enthusiast: I got in”.

While in The QRL community, II has had an ongoing positive poetic muse that never ceases rally up both the community and the team!

An example of recent composition

AMA Summary

Part of our 1 year mainnet anniversary celebration was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) where there was a lot of amazing questions (and answers). We look forward to doing it again at a future date.

The summary of this AMA has been released and can be found here!

The QRL Contributors


More work continues to go into ensuring The QRL Contributors is an inclusive and conductive place to be involved in. Some members of the general QRL community who have contributed in the past have also been given an early invite. There’s currently no official public release date of this channel, though it’s looking closer by the day!

As a reminder, a The QRL Contributors essentially consists of roles, working groups, and projects. More about The QRL Contributors can be read about in the blog.

From this, we’d like to offer a glimpse into what’s transpired over the last week in one of the working groups below.

Working Group: Content

  • More work went into faqq.info, particularly the Quantum Computing is Coming page. As a reminder, this site intends to cover an array of questions a person might have about quantum computing and the intersect of blockchain technology in a quick and convincing manner.
  • We’re now sitting at 13 sources in our draft stub on wikipedia. We know this has been in the works for a while, but it’s important to get right so everything isn’t rejected outright. If there’s any wikipedians in the audience that can assist with this in anyway, it would be much appreciated!
  • A draft has been produced about NIST and XMSS by Doney and is undergoing review and further considerations.
  • Corrections to messari.io have been submitted.
  • Corrections to cryptoslate have been submitted and acted upon.


8th July 2019

Jack Matier


Jack Matier