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Last Week in QRL July 23–29, 2019

Development Updates, Confirmed Exchange Listing, QRL Dev Summit next week

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29th July 2019


As July draws to a close, we are just one week away from the QRL Developer Summit. Pursuant to that, much of the past week has been spent in preparation for the summit, as well as working on securing additional liquidity (more on this below). We are happy to report progress on both fronts, and are very excited for the developments happening both within our platform and the more general QRL ecosystem in the near future.


  • block-explorer: Show keybase transactions in lasttx and unconfirmed tx views
  • qrl-cli: Adds WIP OTS command
  • **docs.theqrl.org:**Fixes to Node document and typo in Ledger Document

Confirmed: Exchange Listing

Note: Image is not of the exchange

Liquidity is a necessary element for a fully healthy and largely frictionless ecosystem. We have heard concerns from the community about having limited markets available to trade Quanta, and we recognize those concerns. Given the at-times quickly shifting topography of the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, being wholly dependent on a single exchange for liquidity can be perilous.

We are therefore happy to report that there will be an announcement in the next few weeks regarding QRL being added to another exchange. While we cannot reveal the specific exchange or specific date at this time, we wanted to report the happy news as soon as we were able. Once we are able to go public with all the details, we will announce them on all our major social media platforms.

Upcoming QRL Developer Summit

As mentioned in last week’s blog, later this week and into early next week, the QRL Developers will be gathering in Europe to work and discuss in person. With such an international project, stretching from North America to Europe to India to Australia, real-time collaboration can be a challenge. When we have digital meetings it is always early in the morning for some, very late at night for others. Understandably, that makes communication somewhat slower than it might otherwise be.

The QRL Developer Summit will allow our very talented developers to work at the same time, in the same place, and accomplish more in less time than usual. The main topic of the summit is Proof-of-Stake and its many manifestations. We will have more to report in the coming weeks (our very next blog will almost overlap with the summit so we may not be entirely ready to report then) regarding what is accomplished at the summit. Stay tuned — there will quite possibly be a blog wholly dedicated to it.

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29th July 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun