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Last Week in QRL January 29 — February 4 2019


4th February 2019


Some of what is in this blog might seem somewhat truncated — that is because we are only able to share so much on certain subjects, and are of the opinion that a brief preview is better than silence on an issue. As we continue to move into 2019, we will continue to provide these regularly scheduled updates, as well as other updates for specific events.


  • API: Updated address verification documentation
  • Ledger: Adding Ledger Nano S Documentation for QRL App
  • Offline Wallet Generator: Nearing release, new UI/UX (more below)
  • Mobile wallet: Code QA underway, CI/Automated test suite planned
  • Website: Website multilingual support and Polyglot integration in development
  • Python node: OTS bit counter being removed and being replaced with paginated key counter
  • **MongoDB:**2 hours to sync address state to MongoDB


A few weeks ago, we were approached by a writer from The Fintech Times, Matthew Dove. He sent us over a handful of questions related to Quantum Computing and its variable applications, both as a constructive tool, and as a breaker of encrypted systems. You can read more about it in the blog we wrote on it, or just read the article itself. It was exciting to be approached by a publication that is non-endemic to the blockchain industry, and being the only representative of our industry in the article was very fulfilling.

Ledger App

Our Ledger app is now complete (pending full release from Ledger)! It can now be found (along with installation instructions) at the QRL Documentation site. As always, DO NOT USE THIS APP ON A LEDGER WITH ACTUAL FUNDS IN ITS CURRENT STATE.

There is no penalty to waiting for the full release of the Ledger app. However, we have received word from some within the community that they wanted to test out the application (again, NOT ON A LEDGER WITH ACTUAL FUNDS), so we decided to provide the opportunity, for those interested and able.

Offline Wallet Generator

As we discussed in our previous Last Week in QRL blog — a great deal of progress has been made in the development of the QRL Offline Wallet Generator. We are happy to show off the above screenshot of the UI (as with anything, subject to change) of our Offline Wallet Generator. Being able to generate one’s own wallet, on one’s own machine, with no connection to the internet required, achieves both greater security and greater variety for our users.

At QRL we are always working towards giving the greatest diversity of reasonable options to our users, and we are happy to see this additional element coming to fruition. If you would like to follow along with the development progress more closely, you can watch the relevant GitHub repo at your leisure.


We are happy to announce that Discord user Cingulate is January’s QRL Community Award Winner! Cingulate has been a constructive member of the community for awhile now, and has also been very helpful in our community insider’s group in advancing meaningful discussions and providing useful insights.

We asked Cingulate how they became acquainted with The Quantum Resistant Ledger, “I heard someone mention quantum computing in relation to crypto last October, and then did my own research, and found QRL. The rest is history. Came for the unique use-case, stayed for the intelligent and engaging community.”


Our new Facebook page

As most of you are aware, our central community hubs are Discord and Reddit. Discord is where the most lively and consistent conversations happen, and Reddit is where an avenue where conversations that take place over greater periods of time can sometimes be easier to have.

Our Facebook page has never been the center of our social media strategy, but it is a component nonetheless. We have recently updated our Facebook page, and are happy to show it off now. Link to the page

Looking Forward

As many of you have already noticed, there is a new addition to the footer of theqrl.org — The QRL Foundation! From the outset, this project has had the goal of setting up a foundation to handle all manner of things in a responsible and effective manner. More info to come on this (in the form of a dedicated blog), but since we already have it up on the website, we figured we would illuminate the reason as to why (with, again, more details to come later). Those details may be a few months in the making, as there is a basic probationary period in Switzerland for these things, but make no mistake, when we can be more verbose on the subject, we will be.

We are always happy to check off a box that is still with us from 2017, and at this point, there are precious few remaining.


4th February 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun