QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Last Week in QRL - Jan 7 — Jan 14, 2019


3rd December 2018


After a few abnormal weeks and multiple-week blogs, we are back on our weekly blogging schedule (for now). As always, the length and presentation of these blogs will adjust slightly as the content changes (not all weeks are equally dense in terms of sharable developments).

Development Updates

  • Support for MongoDB Processor in GO-QRL has almost finished, including fork recovery.

  • Unit tests for MongoDB have been 80% completed.

  • Added known issues section to documentation site.

  • QuantumFAQ site coming (more on that below)

QuantumFAQ site

Those in the community will know the very common responses that come up when speaking to people in the wider cryptocurrency community about Quantum Computing — and maybe they have had these questions themselves.

QuantumFAQ is a site (in alpha) designed as a resource to be linked to and confidently digested with the attention span people have today (seconds). Common responses will be curated underneath to guide people through their curiosities, where all answers should be satisfied in no more than 2 minutes of time. Other thoughts in the future involve more predictive responses and links to more resources.

The site can be reached at: https://jackalyst.github.com/quantumfaq/

GitHub repository: https://github.com/jackalyst/quantumfaq

Marketing/Outreach Updates

What a marketing job sometimes feels like

With the holidays and the start of the new year, we have been hard at work reaching out across the industry to try and spread the good word of QRL. We had an interview this past week that had to be rescheduled, but when it eventually takes place we think it might offer something slightly different from our normal interview fare.

We were approached by a well-known financial technology publication to give quotes regarding quantum computers. We submitted our quotes, and are hoping to be able to show them off to you in the coming days/weeks as a part of an article they are creating. Stay tuned!

Liquidity Update

On March 1st, Coinexchange.io will be delisting the QRL ERC20 token from its markets. CoinExchange never migrated the few ERC20s on its platform, so it is in possession of 0 mainnet Quanta.

Statement on CoinExchange’s delisting page

Community Updates

As we’ve stated previously, we have changed format for the Community Nominations, and will now be conducting them monthly, for a prize of 750 Quanta. We expect to have our first winner announced in the next “Last Week in QRL” blog.


3rd December 2018

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun