QRL Primary Report, 2024

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Last Week in QRL August 6–12

Development Updates, Updates to FAQQ.info

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12th August 2019


Following the highly productive QRL Developer’s Summit at the start of the month, the team has been abuzz with ideas, both those brought up at the Summit, as well as others that were inspired in its aftermath. We have also updated the FAQQ.info (more information on that below), as we continue to try to fight ignorance surrounding the subject of quantum computing and blockchain technology.


  • go-qrl: Fix - Disconnection caused by Fetch Block request from other peer
  • docs.theqrl.org: Fixes to Node document and typo in Ledger Document
  • qrl-cli: Adding descriptions to commands


One of the most productive contributions from the QRL community so far is FAQQ.info (Frequently Asked Quantum Questions). As its title implies, it is an FAQ for questions dealing with the intersection of quantum computing and blockchain. Given the unfortunate regularity with which we still continue to encounter otherwise educated individuals for whom quantum computing is a blind spot, FAQQ.info addresses a very real need in the market; education. The site has continued to be iterated upon, and has recently added information to a few sections, including:

As always, you can track the changes made to the site on our QRL Community GitHub.

node-cli technical

12th August 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun