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Last Week in QRL April 30-May 6

Development updates, Community Nomination delayed, In The News


29th April 2019


As we turn from April to May, the spring bloom continues unabated, rushing headlong into the arms of summer. At QRL, we are nearing the 1 year anniversary of our blockchain launch (coming in late June). This past week has seen some press coverage (which will be featured moving forward in our “In The News” section of these blogs), development efforts, as well as things we can’t talk about. For what we can, there are highlights below.


  • qrl-wallet: Make build version dynamic
  • message-transaction-encoding: List of encoding bytes for various services using QRL message transactions
  • qrl-docker: Adding auto-generated CircleCI 2.0 config file


As we do every month, we have another QRL Community Nomination Winner this month! Unfortunately, we have not gotten a response from them yet as to whether or not they would like to state anything about their relationship with the QRL network or how they came to be involved in our community. We will include a full write-up of April’s winner in a separate blog later this week, or in next week’s “Last Week in QRL” blog.

In The News

We are going to be highlighting when QRL ends up in the news, or an interview with one of our team members is published, in these weekly blogs moving forward. We will include a link to the article, a brief summary, and our involvement (if there was any).

This section won’t necessarily show up every week, but it will appear intermittently as needed. As always, if I have missed any articles, podcasts, etc in this rundown, please email them to me at adam@theqrl.org and they will be included in the next week’s blog. This week, QRL showed up in two articles:


29th April 2019

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun