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4th November 2022

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Strategic update: The Sleeper Must Awaken

Today, crypto is so much more than just a peer-to-peer value transfer, with DeFi, NFTs, DAO’s, DEX’s and more coming into the space over the last few years. The market capitalization has exploded and blockchain technology is on the verge of entering the mainstream.

QRL, being well into its 7th year of existence, is changing with that, introducing smart-contracts for programmable assets, and Proof-of-Stake as a more efficient and robust consensus mechanism.

Important changes to project governance and funding will soon be announced. The first step of this will be a public grants system aimed at supporting: core development, research, education and documentation and for the first time, community.

More can be read in our Sleeper Must Awaken blog.


Awesome projects built at the QRL Hackathon 2022

At QRL’s first ever in-person Hackathon, which took place in Amsterdam in September of this year, some really impressive projects were developed, which we’ve given an overview of on youtube.

In the community

QRL ↔ NUDES Meme Contest

The QRL ↔ NUDES communities joined forces and launched a meme contest October 11th 10:00 AM UTC to October 31st 10:00 AM UTC with over $5000 in prizes and the winners have been announced!


1st place - $1,200 in QRL tokens
QRL will change your life, by kurubatermit

2nd place - $750 in QRL tokens
Protected Dating, by tema1923

3rd place - $500 in QRL tokens
QRL’s pony is ready to give BTC a ride!, by amer1can_qrl

4th place - $300 in QRL tokens
QRL - ENTANGLE ME, by cuetum_
(Since cuetum_ is a Nudes General, his prize is donated to the Excellence Awards prize pool)

5th place - $250 in QRL tokens
Quantum computers getting crazy, by MEMEFORLAMBO

Excellence Awards
For this contest we had the QRL community team and Nudes Army OGs pick their favorite memes to win Excellence Awards! $2,300 in QRL and 250 Billion NUDES will be divided equally among winning memes.

~$143.75 USD in QRL and 15.6 Billion NUDES will be awarded to each of the following 16 winning memes:

To see more QRL meme’s, you’ll want to check out the contest page.

OneQRL: Questions & Answers

Since the launch of at the 2022 Hackathon, the OneQRL Team intentionally left the FAQ section unfinished.

Last month, the OneQRL Team got the community involved and gave a 10 Quanta reward to the most voted Questions/Answers each. This event lasted from October 24th to October 31st

Quantum Computing Advances

SandboxAQ Buys Cryptosense to Deploy Post-Quantum Cryptography

On 2022-10-22: SandboxAQ acquires Cryptosense to enhance cybersecurity and encryption capabilities of its post-quantum cryptography solution. Financial details remained undisclosed. Amadeus Capital Partners led a $4.8 million round of funding, bringing total funding to $5.6 million. SandboxAQ has been selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology as one of twelve collaborators for the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

The company's board includes Eric Schmidt, who served as Google's CEO and chairman from 2001 to 2011. Cryptosense is now moving under the U.S. SandboxAQ said this acquisition will leverage a natural complementary and help realize synergies. "Building the Cryptosense organically would take more time, and it is critical to get this important technology in use fast". - eetimes

Quantinuum Is On A Roll - 17 Significant Quantum Computing Achievements In 12 Months

On 2022-10-03: Quantum computing company Quantinuum made three more announcements at IEEE Quantum Week 2022. Announcements include another quantum volume record, a new method to make two-qubit gates with higher fidelity and greater efficiency, and a milestone achievement of more than a half-million downloads of its software.

  1. Highlight 1: Shuttling ion pairs through intersections and negotiating 90 degree turns: It may not sound significant, but this research provides the capability to execute Quantinuum’s long term roadmap for future generations of H-series quantum computers. Ion trap researchers have been working on this problem for years. Prior to Quantinuum’s research, it was believed that the only way for paired ions to move through zones was to first separate the pair, then move them through junctions one at a time. That solution would have significantly increased processing time.
  2. Highlight 2: Closing the gap on fault-tolerant quantum error correction: Fault tolerant quantum error correction will make it possible to build quantum computers with enough qubits to solve problems far beyond the reach of today's supercomputers. Quantinuum researchers were able to construct a logical entangling circuit that had a higher fidelity than its physical counterpart.

17 other significant improvements over the last 12 months are:

  1. September 27, 2022: Quantinuum Sets New Record with Highest Ever Quantum Volume of 8192
  2. August 4, 2022: Logical qubits start outperforming physical qubits
  3. July 11, 2022: Quantum Milestone: Turning a Corner with Trapped Ions
  4. June 14, 2022: Quantinuum Completes Hardware Upgrade; Achieves 20 Fully Connected Qubits
  5. May 24, 2022: Quantinuum Introduces InQuanto to Explore Industrially Relevant Chemistry Problems on Today's Quantum Computers
  6. April 14, 2022: Quantinuum Announces Record Quantum Volume of 4096
  7. March 29, 2022: On the ArXiv: Modeling Carbon Capture with Quantum Computing
  8. March 29, 2022: Quantinuum Announces Updates to Quantum Natural Language Processing Toolkit λambeq, Enhancing Accessibility
  9. March 3, 2022: Quantinuum announces a world record in fidelity for quantum computing qubits
  10. December 29, 2021: Demonstrating Benefits of Quantum Upgradable Design Strategy: System Model H1-2 First to Prove 2,048 Quantum Volume
  11. December 7, 2021: Introducing Quantum Origin, The world's first quantum-enhanced cryptographic key generation platform to protect data from cybersecurity threats
  12. November 27, 2021: Quantum Milestone: We Can Now Detect and Correct Quantum Errors in Real Time
  13. November 29, 2021: LAMBEQ: A Toolkit for Quantum Natural Language Processing
  14. November 29, 2021: How a New Quantum Algorithm Could Help Solve Real-world Problems Sooner
  15. November 29, 2021: Quantum Milestone: 16-Fold Increase in Performance in a Year
  16. October 15, 2021: Researchers 'Hide' Ions to Reduce Quantum Errors By Reducing Crosstalk Errors An Order of Magnitude
  17. October 20, 2021: TKET: Quantum Software Tool Goes Open Source - forbes

Cloudflare's post-quantum cryptography protects almost a fifth of the internet

On 2022-10-03: Cloudflare has launched post-quantum cryptography support for all websites and APIs served through its network. This will introduce quantum computer-proof encryption for all sites using Cloudflare, which accounts for 19.1% of all websites according to W3Techs. Researchers estimate the market for such solutions will be worth $476.8 million by 2030.

Cloudflare isn't the only CDN provider looking to secure the Internet from quantum computing threats. Other vendors like PQShield, which announced raising $20 million in funding earlier this year, are leveraging post-quantum cryptography to enable enterprises to develop secure cryptographic solutions for messaging platforms, apps and mobile technologies. - venturebeat



Minor fix for RandomX Block Verification while mining block at different seed + more unit tests

  • [6f711] Fix: RandomX block verification while a block with different seed hash is mined
  • [1b712] code cleanup
  • [87841] Updated google test git link
  • [aaef9] qrxminer store mainHeight and seedHeight params for threads


New blog: The Sleeper Must Awaken

  • [99f84] New blog: The Sleeper Must Awaken

QREVM -> QRVM (and remove unofficial repo)

  • [ce3a1] QREVM -> QRVM (and remove unofficial repo)

Fix Discord invite link

Add last month at QRL - September 2022 blog

  • [13130] Allow image includes for quantum news
  • [95334] Update quantum news
  • [31a70] Add last month at QRL - September 2022 blog

Fix API links on homepage

  • [79a48] Fix API links on homepage
  • [ec2ae] Merge branch ’theQRL:main’ into main


4th November 2022

Jack Matier


Jack Matier