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Last Month at QRL — June 2021

Celebrating three years of QRL, EnQlave UI updates and Bridge. New tokenomics repository and more quantum computing advances.

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1st July 2021

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Celebrating three years of QRL

On June 26th 2018, after two years of meticulous development, QRL mainnet was launched. Since then, not only has QRL come a long way, but so has the rest of the quantum computing space.

The pace of progress with quantum computers has been so fast that quantum computing is on the precipice of moving out of its niche. We also believe QRL will follow as QRL moves towards mainstream adoption and looks towards expanding its already high-level tech talent pool development operations out of the UAE.

To celebrate our three year anniversary since mainnet (~5 years since the first commit), we’ve planned out multiple months of events.

For the end of June, we have held ten trivia questions and two puzzles per day. This upcoming month of July, we will be unveiling several different mascots whose styles will needed to be voted on. We expect the voting on each mascot to be open through from Sunday to Friday.

From the mascots that won, we’ll have more created and a mascot meme contest will ensue! Finally later in August, we’ll be holding a mascot merchandise contest!

More about the milestone and event can be found in our Celebrating three years of QRL blog.

Development updates


  • Tooling to create importable compiled smart contracts of the UI
  • EnQlave mobile & desktop wallets are close to being done.
  • Work on the EnQlave bridge

Tokenomics repository from QRL contributors

The goal of the QRL Tokenomics repository is to provide tools and datasets for end users to evaluate different tokenomics of QRL. This includes macrotokencomics and microtokenomics, but primarily deals with the latter.

usage: emissions.py [-h] [-r REPORT] [-b BLOCK] [-y YEARS] [-c]

Simple QRL emission program

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -r REPORT   Report type: blocks, daily
  -b BLOCK    Block to get
  -y YEARS    How many years to output. Default 200
  -c          Report as cumulative


Advocacy updates


Is Bitcoin A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Elon Driving Bitcoin Off A Cliff or Into the Future?

Videos | The QRL Show

News Roundtable | The QRL Show

Bitcoin Taproot Explained, AMA, & more | The QRL Show

In the Media

From Scalpels to Qubits: The Story of the World’s First Post Quantum Block Chain

For more than a decade, Peter Waterland diligently pursued his role of a surgeon. At the same time, he began delving into a variety of intellectual activities (so much so that he gained a reputation as a polymath). Among these were cryptography, programming and blockchain technology, all of which propelled him to become a passionate cryptocurrency champion.


Quantum Computing: The Cause of the Next Crypto Crash

The notion that a quantum computer might someday break bitcoin is quickly gaining ground. That’s because quantum computers are becoming powerful enough to factor large prime numbers, a critical component of bitcoin’s public key cryptography.


Quantum News

June 8th - Honeywell Quantum Solutions And Cambridge Quantum Computing Will Combine To Form World’s Largest, Most Advanced Quantum Business

New business will offer the world’s highest-performing quantum computer and comprehensive quantum software, including the first and most advanced quantum operating system


June 29th - IBM researchers demonstrate the advantage that quantum computers have over classical computers

IBM researchers have finally proven in a real-world experiment that quantum computers are superior to classical devices – although for now, only at a miniature scale.


June 29th - Rigetti Computing Introduces Scalable Multi-Chip Quantum Processor

“We’ve developed a fundamentally new approach to scaling quantum computers,” says Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of Rigetti Computing. “Our proprietary innovations in chip design and manufacturing have unlocked what we believe is the fastest path to building the systems needed to run practical applications and error correction.”


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