Last Month at QRL — April 2021

EnQlave progress unabated. Podcast: Bitcoin may be doomed. What can we learn from The QRL? Video: How to Mine QRL in Depth with RandomX

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1st May 2021

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EnQlave progress remains unabated.

On the backend, after many requests, we’re integrating support for not just ERC20, but ERC223 (superset of ERC20), ERC721 (NFT)’s, ERC777 (Advanced Tokens), and ERC1155 (Multi-tokens). Functions which allows the initialization of PQAccounts with multiple HashChains & XMSS PK’s were updated. Metadata such as Identifier and Index for XMSS PK, which is used by the UI to track the appropriate XMSS PK for an Ethereum address based on the Mnemonic or recovery phrase. On the front-end, there’s continued improvements to the QRL mobile application.

Other changes include:

  • Changes with the contract Listener to support the three stages of transactions
  • Add experimental ABIEncoderV2 to support emission of event for adding multiple XMSS PKs.
  • More refactoring & updated all Unit tests

Podcast: Bitcoin may be doomed. What can we learn from The Quantum Resistant Ledger?

Will continued quantum advancements threaten Bitcoin and other altcoin transactions?

Listen as we discuss The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL), a cryptocurrency taking a post-quantum safe approach to blockchain. While BTC’s value may plummet at even the threat of quantum tampering, QRLs should remain immune. Can Bitcoin learn a thing or two and adapt? Will the value of QRL go up with the growing quantum industry?

How to Mine QRL In Depth with RandomX | Updated Walkthrough for Windows


  • Basics/Getting Started
  • What is RandomX?
  • Requirements
  • Brief notes
  • Get the latest BIOS
  • Overclocking observations/defaults
  • ClockTuner
  • Importance of doing a Memory Stress Test
  • RandomX recap- top 3 components
  • How to Install the miner & make it run (xmrig)
  • Checking antivirus software
  • Extract xmrig
  • Configuration
  • Creating QRL Wallet Address to use
  • Important note on running xmrig for the 1st time (run as Admin)
  • We are now mining
  • GPU performance comparison on screen
  • How do I test if I’m mining? (answer to a question brought up in Discord)
  • QRL Payout settings - changing default

Quantum News

Goldman Sachs predicts quantum computing 5 years away from use in markets

Cryptographers Are Racing Against Quantum Computers

AWS reveals a new method to build a more accurate quantum computer

Honeywell Just Released Details About How Its Quantum Computer Works

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Jack Matier