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Community Nominations


25th October 2018

Our community contains an amazing assortment of people that have a wide range of professions and origins. Many of those people continually go above and beyond in improving QRL and furthering Quantum Computing Awareness in the blockchain space.

It’s time we recognised these people who go above and beyond, which we will do with nominations.

Nominations are a way for the community to point out other community members on a weekly basis who contribute positively to QRL or Quantum Computing in general. Of these people that the community points out, one will be selected to be nominated to receive 250 Quanta.

How it works

One requirement is that nominations are made through Discord, so if you’re not already signed up, do so here.

Anyone can* *nominate a wide variety of people active in different platforms like Reddit, Medium, Twitter, and Discord (more added as necessary). These people don’t have to be active in our community either, as we will reach out.

The nominations are gathered *weekly *and settled at Monday’s meeting, with an award of 250 Quanta (at the mercy of scheduling and other such conflicts of course). We do take into heavy consideration how many votes a person has, however, also reserve the final say (to prevent novelty votes from reigning supreme — this is the internet after all).

Once a person has been nominated, contacted, and awarded, they are exempt from winning a nomination for 8 weeks.

On a final note, these are for people, not Companies and/or Organisations.

Nominating (how it works, technically)

Nominating is easy, in the butler channel on discord you can add:

nominate add [reddit/discord/twitter/medium/github] username

or remove (only your own nomination, of course):

nominate remove [reddit/discord/twitter/medium/github] username

If you want to see the current nominations:

nominate list

To see nominations from previous weeks (but not necessarily the winners), you’ll need to specify the week # (‘w’ is optional):

nominate list W15

What we’re looking for

Want to be in line for a nomination? Bringing awareness/contributions to QRL or Quantum Computing in general is a good mindset to start from.

This can include:

  • Code Contributions
  • User Art
  • GitHub Issues
  • Positive social contribution online

When is this starting?

We’ll be opening up nominations on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 and having our first settlement, assuming an appropriate nominee is found, on Monday, November 12th, 2018.


25th October 2018

Jack Matier


Jack Matier