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Bromine Testnet is LIVE!

Overview, installation & running, mining, and testnet incentives/awards

technical bromine

29th February 2020

Overview, installation & running, mining, and testnet incentives/awards


The Bromine public testnet starts at block 0 and wont have any of the features of Bromine until the Bromine testnet hardfork blockheight of 10500, or roughly 7 days from the date of this post on Friday, March 6th, 2020.

Testnet Wallet & Explorer

  1. At present use wallet.theqrl.org with testnet selected
  2. After the hard fork trigger in testnet (blockheight 10500) the new wallet features will launch on testnet-wallet.theqrl.org
  3. Testnet explorer is testnet-explorer.theqrl.org

As a reminder do not use the same wallet on mainnet as on testnet!

Installation & Running a node

Instructions are also in our documentation at https://docs.theqrl.org/node/testnetNode/


On a machine that’s not running a mainnet node, you’ll want to install the prerequisites on an Ubuntu machine.

# Update and Upgrade packages
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

# Install Required dependencies
sudo apt-get -y install swig3.0 python3-dev python3-pip build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev libffi-dev libhwloc-dev libboost-dev

# Install CMAKE version 3.10.3 manually
cd /opt && sudo wget https://github.com/Kitware/CMake/releases/download/v3.10.3/cmake-3.10.3.tar.gz && sudo tar zxvf cmake-3.10.3.tar.gz && cd cmake-3.10.3/ && sudo ./configure && sudo make -j2 && echo -e '## Adding cmake version 3.10.3\nPATH=$PATH:/opt/cmake-3.10.3/bin' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

# Make sure setuptools is the latest
pip3 install -U setuptools

And then install qrl version 0.2.0

`pip3 install -U qrl==0.2.0`

Running a node

Running can be done by executing qrl with a testnet flag

start_qrl --network-type testnet

Getting Quanta

You can get Quanta by mining (below), using the qrl testnet faucet or by asking in Discord or Reddit for some.


You can mine to the network, either as a node or connecting a mining client to a mining pool

Keep in mind, up until blockheight 10 499, CNv1 (CryptonightV1) will be the algorithm. At blockheight 10 500, it will switch over to RandomX.

Pool mining

You can connect a mining client to the qrl public testnet pool:

Up until blockheight 10 499, you will need to use a CNv1 client. After that you’ll need to use a RandomX client.

Running a pool

Pool operators or those that want to run their own pool can find the code here: https://github.com/cyyber/cryptonote-nodejs-pool/tree/dev

It’s encouraged that you do so and post the link so people can test it.

Node mining

You will find a .qrl-testnet folder in your node home directory. In it there’s a file called config.yml

In that file you’ll want to set the following parameters.

mining_enabled: True
mining_address: 'Q0105001c47433c0078bfbb9efc001bc6def904fc80fc0ea8a76029c9f0b044fe9e23cdd0265a7b'
mining_thread_count: 0

Be sure to substitute in your own QRL testnet address.

Awards / Testnet incentives

There are different testnet incentives each worth 100 Quanta (maximum 1 per person)

  • First running testnet python node
  • First testnet transaction
  • First multisignature wallet (when the HF triggers)
  • First multisignature transaction (when the HF triggers)
  • First segfault
  • First running pool
  • First CNv1 (cryptonight v1) mined block from a node
  • First RandomX mined block from a node

It’s first come first serve, so first one to post a screenshot in Discord, Reddit, or Twitter, will get the reward.



If you encounter an issue or bug we’d love for you to report it to the right repository:

If you’re not sure where to report it, feel free to come into our discord and we’ll help guide you along the way.


For any other questions or banter, our Discord or Reddit communities are a good place to ask.

technical bromine

29th February 2020

Jack Matier


Jack Matier