Bittrex Exchange Migration - Proper liquidity secured for The QRL!


10th August 2018

We are delighted to announce that Bittrex will be migrating to QRL mainnet on the 4th of December 2018. You can read their announcement here in full.

The QRL is the first fully post-quantum blockchain ecosystem designed from the ground up with a core of:

  • multiple implementations for qrl node (python, go)
  • desktop GUI wallet (mac, windows, linux)
  • a fantastic web-wallet with built in features such as document notarisation and full token support
  • CLI Wallet
  • our trusty web explorer
  • growing documentation
  • API — we are easy to build into!
  • And shortly to be released — a fully compliant Ledger implementation and mobile wallet support (iOS and Android support)..

Remember that our core code has been extensively audited by red4sec and x41 D-sec to ensure it is enterprise grade. Plus we have an incredibly exciting roadmap we can’t wait to build out.


We would like to thank the Bittrex team for their professionalism in working closely with us on developing the necessary architecture to ensure smooth exchange integration.

The Quantum Resistant Ledger and Bittrex have a long history and we are proud they are the first major platform to be integrating the QRL mainnet.

As a project featuring cutting edge post-quantum cryptography, the QRL was not trivial to integrate — our crypto is peculiar and strange! But that is what sets our project apart from every other blockchain in the crypto ecosystem.

After extensive work between our developers and the Bittrex team, we are pleased that further integration with other platforms should now be a far smoother process. We encourage any organisations interested in joining with the QRL to reach out via email or on Twitter or Discord.

On that note we have another exciting future relationship to announce in the coming weeks.

Migration deadline

Following Bittrex migration our previous token will be officially deprecated.

We will set a hard deadline for 28th February 2019 for users to migrate using our automated migration portal. For further help on this process you can always contact the team via or discuss with the team on Discord.

User art from Discord user SnannerB

Thank you for your patience and cheers from the QRL family!


10th August 2018

Jack Matier


Jack Matier