APAC Blockchain Conference 2018

TL;DR — Who/What/When/Where/Why of APAC Blockchain 2018. We are currently exploring the desire within the community for a meetup during the conference (more at the end of the blog).


6th March 2018

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APAC Blockchain 2018 will be attended by Adam, our Marketing Manager, Juan, our Lead Architect, and Scott, our Full Stack Developer.


Developed in partnership with the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), APAC Blockchain 2018 looks beyond the hype at the real impacts and potential of blockchain technologies, inside and outside Australia.

Day One — Plenary: Featuring a single track of panels covering everything from the state of blockchain today, to likely regulation from various governments and where the technology is headed in the future. Adam will be sitting in on the panel, “What are the major technical challenges still facing blockchain technologies?” at 14:15 Melbourne time.

Day Two — Banking & Finance Stream, or Government & Industry Stream: With different panels for the first half of the day, and a joint session to close out the conference, Day Two will cover such topics as banking, identity management, supply chain, the role of China, and other more specific topics. There will be a mixture of presentations, panels and discussions.


March 13–15, 2018


Pullman Albert Park Hotel, Melbourne, Australia


From the event website, “Across the globe, organisations are scrutinizing how blockchain technology can transform current processes, free them of the middle man and save significant costs. The potential is huge and possibilities limitless, however, there are considerable challenges to overcome before the benefits can be realised.”

The 2nd annual APAC Blockchain Conference will bring together blockchain innovators, business leaders and government regulators to speak, network and educate one another as to the ever-changing landscape of the emerging blockchain industry.

Supporter Meetup

We are currently gauging interest in an informal supporter meetup at a local pub near the event venue one of the evenings of the conference. We just need to make sure that there won’t be more team members than community members at it, and we will release details. Community members would have chance to meet Adam, Juan, Scott and Luke (who lives in Melbourne) and discuss QRL in an informal setting. Let us know if you’re interested by getting in touch on discord or emailing adam@theqrl.org


6th March 2018

Adam Koltun


Adam Koltun