Download QRL Wallets

Desktop wallets MacOS MACOS-Intel_QRL-Wallet_1.8.0.dmg MACOS-Silicon_QRL_Wallet_1.8.0.dmg Windows WINDOWS-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.0.msi Linux LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.0.deb LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.0.rpm Mobile wallets Android > Google Play Store iOS > Apple App Store

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Press Kit

A large number of QRL design assets are available on a dedicated GitHub repository for use by press outlets or partner integrations. Logo Yellow .PNG | Dark .PNG | White .PNG Yellow .SVG | Dark .SVG | White .SVG Icon Yellow .PNG | Dark .PNG | White .PNG Yellow .SVG | Dark .SVG | White .SVG Terms of use The design Assets offered within this repository are the exclusive property of The Quantum Resistant Ledger or its affiliates (“QRL” or “Our”).

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QRL Citations, Standards, Cryptography and Recommended Technical Reading

Citations Aggregating hash-based signatures using STARKs Post-quantum blockchain using one-time signature chains Blockchained Post-Quantum Signatures Application and Implementation of Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem in Blockchain (Short Paper) Bazo–A Cryptocurrency from Scratch Towards Post-Quantum Blockchain: A Review on Blockchain Cryptography Resistant to Quantum Computing Attacks ISSA Journal: Application of Quantum Technologies for Practical Tasks A survey of blockchain from security perspective Novel One Time Signatures (NOTS): A CompactPost-Quantum Digital Signature Scheme

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